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Explore your destination world and be apart of The amazing Thai's recreation treasure constructing. The only one life on Earth.

The Sanctuary of Truth, PATTAYA

This work indicates that humans are only dust in the universe and will ultimately become one with it. Physical beings deteriorate, ravaged by the time, But truth and goodness are immortal.

Materialistic pleasure is a superficial physical and external joy.

True happiness is found in intrinsic spiritual pleasure. Ideals make human life more meaningful, Determination to go to the ideal world is something desired by all men.

Every belief, every religion and every philosophy leads there by difference paths.

To ponder the great questions of heaven and earth and yet live for humanly, to study and teach the sublime knowledge of scholar of the past, and to create eternal peace for all mankind, this is the true goal and the knowledge great men strive to achieve.

The 1st hall (The origin)

symbolizing of Universe and Earth. The Universe created systems orbits and Earth. Earth planet composed with Great four elements, Earth, Water, Wind and fire.

The Hinduism believed in Shiva, God of Earth and Fire (Beginning to end).Vishnu, God of Water (Preserver). Brahma, God of Sky or The Wind (Designer).Universal (Trimurati).

Buddhism believed all beings cause by Self-incidence spring element, mass, substance power and cause phenomenally (ignorance). It’s nature beginning to end.

Huge architecture wood carved Bodhisattava’s face represent the sublime states of mind virtues of leaders, are Love, Kindliness, Compassion, Sympathy and Equanimity. On top roof Bodhisattava step on Kilena and swan present the land great virtues monarchy.

The 2nd hall

( The Sun , Moon and Stars, Created environment )

The story about three creators, who giving way of life. The Sun causes day and night. The Moon causes tideing. The Stars causes the circumstance to all. Human are differenced from the other creatures by knowledge, deed and morality,and school self-develop to enlightenment

The 3th hall

(Parental Pure Love)

Man is a creature in the world. To live together, and live according to the ways of society as a whole family, society, nation and the world, which should not be overlooked, in fact, the Lord Buddha. He has shown for the sake of living together.

Tranquility for peace, starting with a family.

The great person first. 1. The Giver, Who alway give and no ask it back or return.To propose pure love to their offspring. 2. The Receiver, Who is appiciued and pay back greatfull with love and respect to whom who giving life or world.

They are father and mother, who give life and birth to their offspring. Man can in one sense be called a gregarious creature enjoying living with other members of the same kind or group, ranging from a family country. Not overlooking to this fact the Buddha also set down a group of formulas of reciprocal duties for purpose of enhancing Peace.

The human moral deity, should be first at family.

The 4th hall

The world supportor
( Love- Kindliness-Sacrifice – Sharing)

Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism is one of two branches of Buddhism and Taoism (confucianism)., who is thus a wisdom-being or an aspiring Buddha, Who is determinded to attain Buddhahood. His main attributes are love compassion, selflessness, sacrifice and his capacity for service to others is unlimited world. The Kindliness only is the world’s supported . This is preception of all religious.

The Center Hall

( Love- Kindliness-Sacrifice – Sharing)


The Buddha discovered Four Noble Truth ( The way of life) these truths and revealed them to the ignorant world. We can, therefore, put an end to sorrow by adopting the Middle Way which, to all Buddhists, is the philosophy of life itself. This Middle Way of self-conquest which leads, to a complete cessation of suffering and sorrow, which is Nibbana, the ultimate goal of Buddhists . Understanding the meaning of Four Noble truth is essential to cultivation otherwise the essence of the Buddha’s teaching will be lost.

You need to help yourself first, Be self- conscious Bad or Moral It’s deed of self Evil or Heaven It’s inside nor-other and your deserved What’s your have done, no matter how heaven or hell.

On top roof of the four spires, the four elements that will lead to the ideal world according to Eastern philosophy are presented in four great mission as

- Female celestial holding a book representing “ The continuation of immortal philosophy , precept , morality, deed.

- Male celestial holding a lotus flower, representing “The establishment of religion (the pillar of the world), by practicing the preception .

- The celestial body holding a child and leading elderly , which represent life bestowed upon human beings ( To encourage scholar of the past and to create eternal Peace for all mankind through future).

- Female celestial with a pigeon perching on her hand and holding an ear of paddy , symbolizing Peace , Wealthy and Balancing World.

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