A fantastic place to collect memories….

The beautiful viewpoint is the most popular zone of the Sanctuary of Truth and served as a landmark of the place where the amazing views of some parts of Pattaya could be seen as the background of the stunningly standing wooden castle.  Besides, the sea view,  green plants and the shady large trees give a unique ambience in the place and a scrumptious choice of foods are available in an open restaurant to relax.

If you are visiting the Sanctuary of Truth Museum Pattaya, please be informed that before entering the main attraction, the Viewpoint with overlooking of the wooden castle and a Seaview background is open for everyone.  When you get inside the Sanctuary, enjoy the greenery garden, visit the carving area, and the souvenir shop. Construction is still ongoing and a helmet will be given and should be put on while inside the building for safety purposes.  Staff in different languages are available to give information in 20 -45 minutes  about the place while enjoying picture and video  taking around the castle.

The Sanctuary of Truth Museum hidden magnificently detailed work of arts represents the philosophy of life is pleased to tell you the story and information behind every carving. You can spend your day walking and learning in and out of the wooden castle and various activities are offered for the tourist who is looking for fun and adventures.

An interesting place located in a seashore to walk around, taking photo and video at different angles. The place which considered as "the largest wooden castle in the whole world."

The purpose of the carving is not just showing art alone but it demonstrates the attentiveness and understanding of the wood.  To maintain the essence of wood carving that could be pass on to the next generation. It is indeed worth to visit once in a lifetime.

The gentleness in wood carving is one of the best special characteristic that cannot be found anywhere else. The creation was done based on ancient time. The craftsmanship of Thai people makes the Sanctuary of Truth Museum amazingly and beautiful beyond imagination.

The Sanctuary of Truth Open everyday 08.00-06.00 pm

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